Media: the driver of an unmanned Uber, who killed a pedestrian to death, watched the driving of the show “The Voice”

The accident was “completely preventable,” the police said.

Police photo Tempe
Police photo Tempe

The accident involving the Uber taxi, which occurred in March, was “completely preventable” if the driver Rafaela Vasquez paid more attention to driving. This was reported by the publication Gizmodo with reference to the statement of the police of Tempe.

After studying the cameras that shot the driver while driving, the police found that she was constantly distracted and laughed at something. The car was in motion for 21 minutes 48 seconds. During this time, Vasquez was distracted for 6 minutes 47.2 seconds, which is about 32% of the total travel time, the police said.

She [Vaskez] constantly looked down into the area of ​​her right knee. After watching nine videos, we found out that the driver looked 204 times down, and almost all the time her eyes were directed to the panel next to her right knee. 166 times she looked there when the car was on the move.

police report

According to the data obtained from the phone Vaskez, the police found that during the accident the driver watched the release of the reality show “Voice”. YouTube and Netflix told the police that the driver did not use their platforms while watching.

Police also noted that self-governing Uber cars do not warn drivers when they need to take control under control.

On March 19, a self-governing Uber car knocked the cyclist to death, when she crossed the road in the wrong place. At the wheel of the car was the driver, but was distracted for a few seconds, when the accident could still be avoided. After the accident, Uber brought to the family a dead condolence and agreed on a pre-trial settlement of the incident, but the investigation was joined by the American authorities

On May 7, the media reported that the car recognized the bicyclist, but still ridden it. Sources of media close to the investigation linked this with a programming failure – the car was probably tuned so that it ignored even the objects that it was supposed to pay attention to. The car recognized the woman on the road, but did not consider it the reason for stopping.

After the accident, Uber temporarily suspended the tests of self-controlled vehicles across the US. On May 23, the company closed the UAV testing in Arizona and dismissed at least 300 employees.

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