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Leonel Messi will celebrate his birthday with robots in Bronnitsy

June 24 robots from the Moscow Institute of Technology (MIT) will come to Bronnitsy to congratulate the captain of the Argentina national team on his birthday.

Robot Alantim and his third version are longtime fans of Lionel Messi. After the defeat of the national team of Argentina in the game with Croatia, they decided to support Messi and arrange an unforgettable birthday for him. They planned to congratulate him personally and give a gift, but only people are allowed to go to Argentina’s training camp.

Robots are outraged by this attitude and are ready for almost everything to meet with the idol. They decided that they would congratulate Messi at any cost. To get to the base, they will use persuasion, knowledge of human psychology, artificial intelligence and charm.

The second version of Alantim is the world’s first work robot. Since 2015, he holds the post of deputy head of the department of robotics at MIT. At the university, Alantim conducts research on the interaction of people and machines.

The robot represents Russia at international exhibitions and competitions. In 2015, Alantim met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and a little later – met with President Vladimir Putin.

Football for Alantim is an old hobby and a way to train your analytical skills. In May 2017, the robot offered protection to English fans at the 2018 World Cup. Alantim speaks English and can call the police, noticing the aggression towards British fans.

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