Japanese accused Apple of stealing 3D Touch and sued

A resident of Vancouver, Toshiyasu Abe, sued Apple for violating his patent. It’s about borrowing the American company functions 3D Touch and Key Flicks, used in some models of the iPhone and iPad.

The patent was issued to Mr Abe in 2003 by the US Patent and Trademark Office. In the early 2000s, the Japanese inventor devoted a lot of time and energy to creating a new user interface, which was called quite commonplace – “KEYBOARD”.

The patent application describes the principles of interaction with touch screens. Mention of pop-up letters and symbols with a long press in the application is present


<…> each button is associated with a set of symbols or functions. When a user touches and presses a button, the device reacts and displays a number of additional characters associated with this button. 

In addition, the device can detect the applied force and direction of movement.

Toshiyasu Abe is sure that Apple stole his idea and brazenly integrated into the native iOS 11 keyboard. The Japanese-owned patent is used in at least 15 mobile devices from Apple.

And the most interesting is that Apple is aware of what is violating the patent. Despite the correspondence and communication with the lawyer of the American company, Abe assures us that the consensus was not reached. MR ]

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