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In the Tula children’s library put up a picture with Patriarch Kirill, Putin on horseback and Medvedev

The institution called the success of the exhibition “deafening”, but after the disturbances in social networks they took their words back.

Alexander Nemtsov’s painting “Under the Peaceful Sky”

In the regional children’s library of Tula there was a picture “Under the peaceful sky”: it also includes Patriarch Kirill, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin on horseback and the flag of “United Russia”. As told in the institution, the work was put up for a month as part of the exposition.

The users of VKontakte and Facebook paid attention to the picture : they were indignant that modern politicians were leveled to Nicholas II, the Theotokos and other saints. A representative of the library confirmed to that the picture was in the institution at the exhibition of the author Alexander Nemtsov.

We periodically change exhibitions and it hung in the framework of one of them. This exposition changed. The work was not a decoration of the library and stayed about a month.

representative of the regional children’s library of Tula

In Twitter, published a screenshot of the website of the electronic library, where a question about the picture was answered by someone from the staff. He said that the work was exhibited in the framework of the “Ladder” project and it does not “cripple the soul of the child”. According to the representative of the institution, the exhibition “was a resounding success” in children and parents.

At the time of writing, the answer on the library’s website has already been changed. The authors removed the part about the “child’s soul” and “deafening success”, instead of which they wrote down “this work was not presented”. The institution refused to name the reason for the change.

According to the “Tula Press”, Alexander Nemtsov represented the picture in several institutions of Tula, including the library and the museum of local lore.

Alexander Nemtsov presents the painting “Under the Peaceful Sky” in the Museum of Local History of Tula. Photo of the Tula Press
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