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In Russia, the vampires will be banned from smoking in public places

Despite the lack of proper regulation of the electronic cigarette market, the government of the Russian Federation decided not to develop separate rules for “fans of fragrant smoke.”

Thus, electronic cigarettes will be subject to laws that apply to conventional tobacco products.

The press service of the Ministry of Health noted that this decision is “absolutely correct and consistent with modern scientific data, as well as international requirements.”

Currently in Russia electronic cigarettes are sold at any time, and their use is permissible in public places. After expanding the scope of the law “On the protection of public health from exposure to ambient tobacco smoke and the effects of tobacco consumption,” vapers will be banned from smoking everywhere.

Just over a year ago, the management of the Railways banned the use of electronic cigarettes in long-distance trains. Attempts by the same Ministry of Health to ban electronic cigarettes and hookahs in bars and restaurants did not succeed. In 2016, the State Duma passed a law on excises on electronic cigarettes (in the first reading), but the project did not move on. RBC ]

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