How to watch movies on the iPhone. Best Video Players

Modern smartphones have chic large displays that allow you to watch films, series and clips with comfort. That’s just, the standard iOS player does not like “pirated” video content, downloaded from the Internet. The user has to lose time and nerves, doing the converting of films.

Assembled for you players from the App Store, which do not require “dancing with tambourines,” and some of their functionality is noticeably ahead of the built-in iTunes player.

1. AVPlayer


The developer : PLAYWORKS 
Version : 2.91 
The cost : 229 rbl.

One of the most famous and convenient players knows all the main video formats (XVID, AVI, WMV, RMVB, ASF, H264, MKV, MP4, MOV, M4V), supports subtitles (you can select the desired language), resolutions 720p and 1080p and has a simple laconic interface.

You can upload files both via iTunes and through cloud storage (DropBox, Google Drive). If you want, you can upload files even over Wi-Fi, though in this case the download time is seriously increased.

The player supports gestures for controlling the rewind and loudness.

The application fully justifies its price. The most powerful player on the market.

Download: cost

2. VLC


Developer : VideoLAN 
Version : 3.0.3 
Price : Free

The most popular video player for Mac has an excellent and most important free mobile version.

In addition to the standard method for downloading video files, VLC allows you to add files to the media library through a web server. And you can do it via Wi-Fi.

In addition, VLC can put passwords on files, play audio tracks in the background and even show streaming video DLNA server. If you want, you can watch the video file in fast mode.

The program is able to remember the place where the preview was interrupted, and the next time you start this video file, continue from the moment you stop.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most multifunctional video players for iOS.

Download: Free

3. Plex


Developer : Plex Inc. 
Version : 5.0.3 
Price : free (there are built-in purchases)

Plex is primarily focused on streaming video from a local network or the Internet. The application allows you to create a media library on PLEX Media Server with different content – movies, personal videos, music and photos. The truth for this is to register on the site.

In the future, through AirPlay, you can organize the broadcast of content on Apple TV. Curiously, when you try to include an mkv file, the encoder will automatically start.

But, unfortunately, it is not possible to organize a media server and even launch the program for free. Greedy developers ask for a subscription (Plex Pass) at 379 rubles per month or 890 rubles a year.

Download: shareware

4. KMPlayer


Developer : PandoraTV. CO., LTD 
Version : 2.1.3 
Price : Free

A handy player has a nice design, the ability to view not only downloaded content to the device, but also shot by him.

But, unfortunately, the player does not support all codecs. For example, the mkv file was played without sound.

Also the player is frustrated with the built-in advertising.

Download: Free

5. HDPlayer


Developer : LTD DevelSoftware 
Version : 5.1.57 
Price : free (there are built-in purchases)

The program is characterized by “omnivorous” formats, adjusting the size, color and font of subtitles, as well as fine-tuning the interface.

However, the program could not read the mkv-file, not finding the AC3-codec in the library.

Without revelations, but with built-in advertising.

Download: Free

6. Movie Player 3


Developer : Dominic Rodemer 
Version : 3.4 
Price : free (there are built-in purchases)

A simple boring interface, the lack of a serious setup menu and an attempt to “sell” an additional audio codec for money (an expansion for a sound for 149 rubles) makes this player the worst in our collection.

Download: shareware

7. Infuse 5


Developer : Firecore, LLC 
Version : 5.7.3 
Price : free (there are built-in purchases)

Pleasant design and many settings of the application can not but rejoice. Subtitles, gesture control and even parental restrictions, which are disabled via Touch ID. The program can broadcast video from Mac, hard disk and FTP server.

Video player picks up data about the downloaded movie from the Internet (cover, description), but the file itself without the inclusion of a paid subscription is refused to lose.

Download: shareware

8. Nplayer


Developer : Newin Inc. 
Version : 3.8.6 
The cost : 699 rubles.

The only player in the collection, which by its functionality is superior to the famous AVPlayer.

Official support for AC3 and E-AC3 codecs, reading almost all known video formats, convenient cataloging, support for subtitles and iTunes library, built-in browser and maximum network capabilities make Nplayer a real “masthead”.

Note the availability of a free lite-version of the video player.

Download: cost

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