5 Reasons to Install iOS 12 Right Now


The nail of WWDC 2018 became iOS 12, otherwise it could not be. The new version of the mobile operating system Apple has received a lot of new features, which we actively seek and add to this material .

Someone was upset because of the lack of a dark theme or a complete redesign of the interface, but I was glad to be able to upgrade and feel my old iPhone in the hands of a new one. I highlighted 5 features of iOS 12, which I liked most of all right after launch.

1. Sometimes it works even faster than iOS 11

As soon as Apple opened access to the first test version of iOS 12 for developers, I immediately installed it on my iPhone 7.

After a couple of hours together with the new version of the system, which only developers are recommended to install, I can confidently state that I will not return back to iOS 11.

Usually the first beta versions of the system are very slow and unstable, but this is the opposite. This is subjective, but on 7-ke iOS 12 beta 1 works even faster than the final version of iOS 11.4 . At a minimum, the animations are smoother.

Moreover, none of the applications installed on my device refused to start up, and the number of new features has increased significantly.

2. It is urgent to try new notifications


Earlier, the “Notification Center” seemed like a real junk pit, in which everything was out of order. They could not be used, and it was not possible to find something really important.

Nevertheless, with the release of iOS 12, Apple made it clear that she knew about the problem and was seriously determined to deal with it.

In the new notifications, I most like the 2 chips: the ability to group by application, as well as the quick setting for messages directly from the lock screen.

For example, if I’m at an important meeting or all at work, and in a general Telegram dialogue someone actively spams, I can just turn off the sound for notifications from a particular application. It’s great!

3. You can measure the size of your finger with Measure

I like that Apple does not represent any technology just to show that they have it. Instead, it immediately gives us real scenarios of their use.

For example, in iOS 12, the company updated the engine to work with the augmented reality ARKit to version 2.0, and also showed a steep measurement application called Measure.

Yes, in the App Store, similar AR-series were before, but none of them on the iPhone screen looked so organic.

I’m totally ecstatic and running around the apartment measuring everything. Interestingly, I can see right now that the accuracy of this program is not inferior to the usual line.

4. To use new “Photos” where it is more convenient


At WWDC 2018, Apple paid much attention to the “Photos” application, which became even smarter due to intellectual search with context. But for me, even this is not important.

I much liked the new organization of albums with pictures, which are now perceived absolutely differently.

All my albums are now presented in two lines, which can be moved horizontally. Immediately under them were common albums, further people and places, as well as media files by category.

First, now it’s all in one section of the program. Secondly, the albums that created photo-applications, I now simply can not see, and they do not interfere.

5. You are sure to conquer the novelty “Do not disturb”


Despite the fact that iOS 12 gives more flexible control of notifications in general, it has a couple of new chips that will help to disable them in principle.

Now I can use Do Not Disturb not only on time, but also on geolocation . It will be very handy when I come to conferences and meetings. Now this feature will automatically turn off when I leave them.

Moreover, now you can turn off notifications until the end of a specific time event in the calendar. Before, I forgot to turn it off and missed important messages, now I will not.

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