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Unexpected parachute and fall from 1200 meters: how the British survived two attempts from her husband

Three years later, the court sentenced the military officer Emil Chile to life imprisonment for trying to kill his wife, spoiling her parachute equipment.

Emil and Victoria. Photos from the family archive of the couple

June 15, 2018 British Emile Chillier (Emile Cilliers) sentenced to life imprisonment with the right to apply for parole after 18 years. He was found guilty of a double attempt on his wife. The investigation and the court in the case lasted from 2015 and attracted a lot of media attention, but until recently the details of this story remained hidden. In its details, the BBC has figured out .

Collapsing marriage

On March 29, 2015, Sergeant Emile Chillier was ready to implement his plan: he opened a gas valve in the kitchen in the house while his wife Viktoria and the newborn child were resting in the bedroom, and went to his former wife and mistress Carly. After meeting with her, he wrote a couple of messages to his girlfriend Stephanie, went to several adult sites and went to spend the night in a military barracks.

The next morning, Chilie’s wife woke up and, as usual, went to the kitchen to get milk for the children. When she smelled gas, she wrote an SMS message to her husband and asked if he turned the valve. “Are you trying to ruin me?”, Victoria asked jokingly.

The affairs in the couple’s home were not perfect, but the woman did not suspect much of what was happening behind her. She sincerely loved her husband, although she doubted his loyalty, but she could never think that he would try to kill her.

Sometimes Emil borrowed large amounts from his wife, colleagues or credit companies, and when he wanted to have sex, he turned to prostitutes, his mistress or his girlfriend. To go with her on a trip, he lied to his wife about a business trip.

Emil was keen on rock climbing and other kinds of extreme sports. Photos from the British page on Facebook

Sergeant of the royal army Emil often went abroad for assignments, even when his wife was in the last months of pregnancy. After the birth of the second child, the spouse more often stayed overnight in the barracks, and Victoria worried that soon he could leave her with the children. She tried to correct the situation by starting to regularly write to her husband love SMS messages about how much she misses.

“I feel that I failed in the role of wife,” – said in one of the reports of Victoria. Emil dismissed such confessions, assuring his wife that she perceived everything too “emotionally.” On a business trip to Austria, he wrote to his wife that he “needs time to think things over”, assuming that they married too hastily.

Just at that time Victoria was waiting for the second child, not suspecting that her husband was living a double life with another woman. In addition, he got into serious debts, which was already enough. For seven years of relations, Victoria lent to Emil about 25 thousand dollars. Sometimes he returned money, but often not.

Once on the eve of the new year, Emil was on a business trip to Austria, but did not congratulate his wife and did not send her messages. The wife decided that he was busy with work, but in fact he was spending time with his girlfriend Stephanie.

In early 2015, Victoria found that someone had transferred $ 2,631 from her bank account. Emil explained that the hackers were guilty of this, but the bank’s check revealed that the request for transfer was from the home computer of the Chillier family. Soon the husband turned to his wife with an unusual proposal – to jump with a parachute. Victoria immediately agreed – she was happy not only to have fun, but finally spend time with her husband.

1200 meters to the ground

All the necessary equipment for Victoria’s wife rented in the store. Because of the bad weather, they could not jump on the appointed day, so they decided to try the next one. Emil explained to his wife that it would be simpler to classify the equipment in a special parachute locker, so as not to rent it again.

Victoria jumped far from the first time, therefore, like any athlete, she had her own signs. She did not like putting other people’s parachutes into her locker, but she lost her husband. And as soon as Emil was left alone, he took the equipment to the toilet and spoiled both parachutes – the main and spare. The next day there was another bad weather, but the husband persuaded Victoria to jump. From her position, everything looked fine: her husband helped her with the equipment and promised to take care of the children while she was engaged in her once main hobby.

Preparing, the woman climbed into the plane and climbed to a height of 1200 meters. Because of family life, Victoria has not jumped for a long time, but witnesses told that she looked happy and confident on board. She stood up last in line and symbolically banged her fist with the rest of the paratroopers. After waiting for the right moment, she left the plane, flew in a free fall for about three seconds and pulled the cord. At the same time, she realized that something was wrong. “Everything was somehow wrong. The slings were twisted and stretched. “

The spoiled Victoria’s parachute is shown in court. Wiltshire Police Photos

Behind Victoria, there were more than 2500 jumps, so she knew what to do. The woman unhooked the main parachute and pulled the backup cord, but it did not work. This is the last thing she remembered.

“She looked like a doll”, – recalls one of the specialists of the parachute complex. When Victoria hit the ground, no one doubted that she was dead, so the staff immediately brought a bag for the body. When it was found out that a bag is not required, the woman was called an ambulance. Doctors qualified her survival as a “miracle”, due to the fact that Victoria had relatively little weight and landed on a soft and recently plowed field.

A broken spine, a broken pelvis, fractures of the ribs and internal injuries – such was the price of a fall from 1200 meters for Victoria.

The incident quickly attracted the attention of the British Parachute Association, which found out that someone deliberately spoiled the equipment. According to experts, problems with the main parachutes are quite rare, and about failures in the work of the spare is known and even less. The report was handed over to the police and soon the investigators received permission to check correspondence on the devices of Victoria and Emil. Detectives learned about the betrayal of his wife: he had long planned to spend a vacation with his mistress and was thinking about buying a house for their life together.

The police raised the banking history of the sergeant, learned of his numerous debts and came to the conclusion that Emil planned to kill his wife and get money for the insurance of her life. While Victoria lay in the intensive care unit and recovered from the fall, the spouse prepared documents for the insurance company. “He did not even say he loved me,” Victoria later told police. According to her, he corresponded with his mistress even when he visited her in the hospital.


During the first interrogation of the police, Emil burst into tears before the investigators, explaining this with “with the love of his life”, referring to Stephanie. At the second meeting with the investigators, he said that he had only a novel with him, and said to the third interview that he was not crying because of his mistress, but about Victoria. Later, his testimony changed many times, and when the prosecutor listed the list of Emil’s secret lover at the trial, he called himself “a very sexy man.”

According to witnesses, Emil always wore very expensive clothes and dined in prestigious restaurants, spending money from his wife and friends.

When Emil was charged with murder, he used the money from the insurance to make a deposit. He was forbidden to return home, so he lived in his room in the military barracks. The remaining money he spent on video games for a game console and smartphone, as well as his mistress Stephanie. Several times the couple dined with Emil’s colleagues, who believed that he and Viktoria had parted.

Throughout the trial, Emil persistently denied his guilt of double-plotting his wife, claiming that someone else opened gas in the house and spoiled her parachute.

The jury found the man guilty of a double attempt on the wife’s life. According to the lecturer on psychopathy Phyllida Wilson (Phyllida Wilson), who was watching the trial, the defendant showed all the signs of a psychopath. Specialist believes that Emil would not stop until he killed his wife.

His interest in risky sports, complete absence of remorse for his infidelity, excessive spending, debauchery and inability to empathize – all this is on the list of psychopathic behavior. If the ideas with gas and parachute did not work, he would have made one more attempt, and then another, until he had achieved what he wanted.

Phyllida Wilson
lecturer on psychopathy

Victoria Chillie recovered from the consequences of the fall and one brings up two children. She did not communicate with her husband since his arrest in 2015. In one of the interviews, the woman confessed that she “loves her husband, who had her”, but regrets the results of the marriage.

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