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The son of the player of the national team of Sweden burst into tears when he saw his father appearing on the field of World Cup 2018

Young Leonel Berg could not hold back emotions when his dad Marcus went out on a warm-up. Video in his Instagram laid out his mother Eosefin.

This moment. Right there and then I was so emotional watching @marcusberg.9 entering the field, then I looked down at Leonel and saw tears falling slowly down his cheeks. Our boy, watching his hero entering the #worldcup stage. It was like everything froze, so beautiful and pure. This is the best way to describe how proud we are over you @marcusberg.9. You are and will always be our hero ❤️

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Video where the boy cries.
“I was overwhelmed with emotions at the moment when Marcus was out on the field, and then I looked at Leonel, and tears rolled slowly down his cheeks. Our boy watched as his hero goes on stage under the name of the World Cup.

There was an impression that time around us stopped. It was so beautiful. It’s the best that can describe how proud we are, Marcus. You are our hero! “- comment Eosephin to the post.

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