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The players of Pokemon Go fought because of a good place for pokemon pumping

Comic situation occurred in the American city of St. Louis: three men, two of them – father and son, fought over the game Pokemon Go. They did not share an important location for the game.

71-year-old Robert Mateuzzi and his 31-year-old son Angelo are accused of attacking the third degree on another participant. Mateuzzi Jr. played in the Pokemon Go in one of the city parks. Another participant in the conflict, also struggling for the location, suggested that the guy took him away from the point for pumping pokemon. The disgruntled gamer threw a bottle of water into the rival’s car.

Later, Mateuzi the elder noticed the offender’s son. He got the same bottle of water in the face of the guy, after which a full-fledged fight ensued between the three men. As a result, the initial aggressor was smashed face, damaged his eye and broke his finger.

What kind of Pokémon dwelt in the park is not specified.

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