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The Ministry of Health agreed with FAS that the advertisement of Durex condoms about Vick and Syphilis is unreliable

On the basis of whose “indignation” the service initiated the case – it is not clear until now.

A shot from Durex advertising with the phrase “This is Vika, and her syphilis”

The Russian Ministry of Health in a comment to the agency RNS confirmed theunreliability of the phrase in advertising condoms Durex that “almost every second Russian is infected with a sexual infection.” Thus, the Ministry of Health agreed with the findings of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), which previously filed a case against the company.

Indeed, the rate of primary incidence of sexually transmitted diseases has a steady downward trend.

Ministry of Health of Russia

The Ministry of Health, like the FAS, is sure that the information in the Durex advertising does not correspond to official data. The ministry has its own research, according to which in 2007 the primary incidence rate was almost 650 thousand cases, in 2017 – almost 207 thousand.

Given the above, one can not consider the statement that in 2017 “almost every second Russian was infected with a sexual infection”, including taking into account the total population of the Russian Federation, more than 146 million people can not be considered reliable.

Ministry of Health of Russia

On June 20, the FAS reported the initiation of a case against Reckett Benckiser (a condom manufacturer under the Durex brand) because of a violation of the Law on Advertising. According to the antimonopoly service, the advertisement was dubbed by “citizens who were offended or humiliated” by the video, but who wrote the appeal – was not disclosed. Also it is not known why they complained about advertising for 2017 only now.

In the video Durex cited information from the recommendations of the Moscow Department of Health under the title “How to give birth to a healthy child”, giving the necessary footnote. FAS insists that the absence of “statistical data on the incidence of the population” in the publication allegedly “offends and humiliates” the dignity of Russian citizens.

The claims of the FAS to Durex are justified, said David Melik Huseynov , Business FM Director of the Institute of Healthcare and Medical Management. According to him, the methodical recommendations, although correct, but formulated at an expert level and are not official.

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