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The homeless Pole finished in a marathon under someone else’s number. He was arrested and charged with fraud

He managed to get a medal and dedicate “victory” to a seven-year-old son and another homeless person.

Stanislav Skupyan. Snapshot of the London Marathon photo service

The Magistrate’s court of Uxbridge sentenced the 38-year-old homeless Pole Stanislaw Skupian to 13 weeks in prison for stealing someone else’s number at the London Marathon. After his first term, he will have to serve another three weeks for a series of petty thefts.

According to the case materials, Skupiyan prepared for the marathon, but could not take part in it. On the day of the competition, he was near the finish line as a spectator. Then he saw a sticker with the number, which he dropped from the participants of the race, picked it up and ran the final 300 meters.

Having overcome the finish line, Skupiyan received the medal of the participant of the marathon. He dedicated “victory” to his only seven-year-old son and other homeless people: allegedly showing them that “good things happen even with those who are less fortunate [in life].” He also pose before the official photographers of the marathon, on duty at the finish.

In the photos from the finish, Skupyan was seen by the friends of Jake Halliday, a runner whose number was picked up by the homeless. It turned out that the athlete dropped the sticker after he stopped near the finish line: he just wanted to take off his shirt because of the heat.

The police found Skupian at Heathrow Airport, where he slept and allegedly wore lost things in the Lost and Found. His representative told the court that at the end of 2017 a man was in an accident and suffered a serious neck injury, because of which later lost his job. At about the same time, he broke up with his wife and lost his home.

Skupyan at the first opportunity admitted his guilt. After this, the court declared him guilty of fraud in the form of deliberate misrepresentation, as well as three cases not connected with the marathon of thefts, for which he received another three weeks of imprisonment. He was also banned from appearing at Heathrow Airport without a ticket for three years.

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