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“No one could stop me”: the father of the NASCAR rider saved his son from a fire car

He ran to the track and helped the driver faster than the firemen arrived.

In South Boston, Virginia, held a race of US NASCAR Association, which was attended by the driver Mike Jones (Mike Jones). During the race, he collided with an opponent, after which the car crashed into the fence and caught fire. A few seconds later, the rider was rescued – but this was done not by the road staff, but by his father.

Dean Jones watched the race of his son at the pit stop. Seeing that the car caught fire, he immediately ran to pull out the driver. Only then the firemen approached the scene of the accident. Dean was convinced that his son was OK, then returned to the car. Users of Reddit suggested that the father decided to “kick the butt of the fire”, but in fact he activated the fire fighting system in the car.

In an interview with local media, Dean Jones noted that the car was “completely destroyed” as a result of the fire, but most importantly, his son was not injured.

I did not have time to get scared, I had to get my son out of the car. I’m just a father, just a father helping my child.

Dean Jones
father of the rider

Despite saving his son, NASCAR put Jones Sr. on probation for going out on the track during the race. But it did not upset him: “No one could stop me from saving my son, even baby Jesus.”

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