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Interview Posner with Limonov was removed from the air. The first channel called the World Cup 2018


The channel was assured that the program will be released after the tournament.

Eduard Limonov. Photo by Peter Kassin, Kommersant

The leader of the unregistered party “Other Russia”, writer Eduard Limonov said that the air of the First Channel did not appear on the air of the “Posner” program, recorded about two months ago, with his participation.

The second month went, as I had an interview with Posner. It’s almost midnight, but Herman’s not there. Can you, dear, ever retell in your own words the content of the interview with me?

Eduard Limonov

Vladimir Pozner confirmed to that Channel One had withdrawn the program from the air. He explained that for a long time he had not received the approval of the television channel for an interview with Limonov, but eventually made a release for him “for the future”.

Initially, the program with Limonov was due to air on June 4. After her transfer, Posner “was absolutely convinced” that the interview would be released on June 18, but “at the last moment the program was withdrawn.” The TV host did not name the exact reason.

The fact is that the program was withdrawn. And I warned the leadership that if they asked me, I’ll tell you how it was. If Limonov gets angry, he’s right. I share his discontent and I’m not happy. But there are such situations, in me and in America it happened. I hope that someday the program will come out.

Vladimir Pozner
TV presenter

The representative of the First Channel explained to that Pozner’s interview with Limonov was removed from the air due to “significant” changes to the grid for the time of the World Cup. The channel was assured that the program with the leader of the “Other Russia” will be released after the end of the tournament, the final of which will be held on July 15.

The series have moved from 21:30 to 23:00, night projects, thus, including the program “Posner”, temporarily do not go on air. The absence of the issue with Eduard Limonov is connected with the special assignment for the World Cup and with no other reasons.

press service of Channel One

Previously, Posner called Limonov “fascist” and refused to interview him. In response, the writer stated that he was not going to participate in the “Posner” program, since the TV host does not represent for him “no interest”: “He is a slow old bourgeois who does not differ either by the liveliness of his mind or by the originality of his thinking.”

In April, the First Channel removed Posner’s interview with former US Secretary of Defense William Perry from the air. According to the TV presenter, the reason was Russia’s position on the war in Syria, because of which the program “would sound dissonant.” The interview was shown in May.

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