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Instagram announced the launch of “YouTube for vertical video” up to an hour long

The service is designed to view the videos “in the most natural way”.

Instagram has announced the launch of a new video platform IGTV, which is designed for long vertical video. Watch the videos from there you can be in a separate application, and inside Instagram.  was told about it by company representatives.

According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, unlike other video services, IGTV is designed for natural viewing on the phone – in vertical mode. In addition, the videos on the platform will not be limited to one minute, as basically Instagram – each video can have a duration of up to one hour.

Systre noted that IGTV will be as easy to use as regular television. You can start watching right after launching the application – you do not have to search for content: on the start screen there will be videos from those authors to which the user is already subscribed, as well as videos that may interest him.

The application will also contain sections such as “For you”, “Subscriptions”, “Popular” and “Continue browsing”. Videos can be husked, commented and sent to friends in Direct.

Like on television, IGTV will have “channels”, but they will belong to specific authors following the example of YouTube. Spread the video on the platform will be able to any users through the application or through the site. Previously Instagram ignored desktop users and did not allow downloading content through laptops and computers.

IGTV will be available around the world in the next few weeks on Android and iOS. Her channels were created by singer Selena Gomez and art director of Louis Vuitton Virgil Ablo. The announcement of the new service was timed to overcome the milestone of a billion active users of Instagram per month.

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