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In Japan, a man was punished for regular lunch for three minutes before the scheduled

The management estimated that in seven months he had left the workplace 26 times before.

The management of the organization bows after apologies for the conduct of the employee. Screenshot from the movie ABC

In the Japanese city of Kobe, a 64-year-old employee of the state water supply organization was punished for premature departure for lunch break. An unnamed man was fined and reprimanded.

The representative of the company explained that the employee had lunch break from 12 to 13 hours. For seven months, from September 2017 to March 2018, that 26 times left for three minutes before the due time. Thus, a man violated the law, which requires officials to “concentrate on work,” explained in the organization.

The employee left to order lunch from the restaurant near the organization, but one day a director saw him from the window. The official explained that he had left earlier, because he needed a change of scenery.

After the incident, the leaders organized a teleconference, during which they said that the actions of the employee “are deeply regrettable,” and they bowed and apologized.

As noted by The Guardian, users of social networks criticized the decision to punish the official. They wondered how this rule should apply to those who went to smoke or to the toilet. One of the users recalled that some politicians periodically sleep during meetings, and offered to fire them. Earlier, Kobe was fired by another official for a similar violation: it was alleged that he had been absent from work more than 55 hours in six months.

In October 2017, it became known that in Japan the journalist had died from reprocessing. In 2013 she worked 159 hours over the norm, covering the elections, and died three days after the voting day from heart failure.

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