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In China, banned ASMR video with a gentle breath in the microphone

In the Chinese Internet, so-called ASMR videos began to be banished, on which (usually girls) gently breathe into the microphone, gnaw the ice, rustle with paper packages. Such kind of videos in some listeners cause a pleasant sensation of tingling in the nape, which spreads like a goosebump.

The Chinese authorities considered that such videos are too sensual for their citizens. The local anti-porn agency promised that it would remove inappropriate ASMR videos from popular streaming sites like Youku and Bilibili. All because many such videos stimulate sexual sensations.

In 2015, the UK conducted a study on ASMR-video. 82% of respondents said they use such videos as sleeping pills, and 70% – in order to relieve stress. And only 5% of respondents said they watch such videos for sexual stimulation.

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