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Chinese social networks began to censor the mention of John Oliver after his report about the censorship of the Internet in China

And a song about the country, “which X does not want to show you.”

The Chinese social network Weibo began to block the mention of the name of the British comedian and the leading American television program “Last Week Tonight” by John Oliver. It drew the attention of the English-language edition of the inkstone China.

Unsuccessful attempt to write “John Oliver” in the recording on Weibo. Original inkstone

The blocking of the name of Oliver coincided with the release of “Last Week Tonight”, dedicated to the Chinese president Xi Jinping.

In his report Oliver talked about how, under the leadership of “Uncle Si”, China began not only to expand its international influence, but even more censor the Internet. For example, to remove the mention of the similarity of the head of the Chinese state with Disney’s Winnie the Pooh.

The most common picture comparing Xi Jinping with Winnie the Pooh, and Barack Obama – with the Tiger

At the end of the release, Oliver also showed a parody of a government video telling about the Chinese megaproject “One Belt and One Way”. In this parody, the phrase “The future is coming now, The Belt and Road is how” was replaced by “This is the China Xi does not want you to see” (“This is China, which Xi does not want to show you “).

Over the past few years, Chinese social networks have often blocked individual phrases and expressions. Among the banned were neutral phrases such as “looking for a girl” or “rich woman”, and the names of well-known anti-utopias, the fictitious name “Si Zedong” and even a separate Latin letter “N” (though only temporarily).

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