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Airline fired Brazilian fan for abusive video with Russians

Together with friends, he forced the girls to repeat an obscene expression.

The Latam branch of the airline Latam fired its employee Felipe Wilson, who published an insulting video with the participation of three Russian women. In the video, a man with two friends makes the girls repeat him an obscene phrase in Portuguese.

In the video Wilson says “Eu quero dar a buceta para vocês”, which in literal translation means “I want to give you a pussy”. The girls, not understanding what it meant, with a laugh, pronounced everything for the man.

Latam’s statement notes that Wilson’s behavior as a steward contradicts the airline’s ethics, which prohibits any form of discrimination. Who work the other two men, and whether they will be punished, is unknown.

Latam strongly disagrees with any kind of insult or discrimination, and believes that any statement that violates the principles of respect, contradicts the values ​​of the company. Proceeding from this, the company took measures, according to the code of ethics and behavior.


This is not the first scandal with fans from Brazil at the World Cup. On June 16, video appeared in social networks , where several fans from Brazil surrounded the Russian woman and started shouting the words “pink vagina”. This caused outrage among the Brazilian residents and some officials. The media have learned who the fans are working with, but whether they will impose punishment is not yet known.

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