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A new game from Wargaming about modern tanks and helicopters was developed in the US, but the studio was closed

Resource The Armored Patrol , dedicated to the news about Wargaming, published a big plum about the unannounced game from the company. It was developed by the studio Wargaming Seattle, which was closed a month ago. Modern armored vehicles and helicopters – that’s what Excalibur is, the development of which never reached the finish line.

In the hands of insiders were two videos on this game. The first one is the announcement, the second is the gameplay. Both are marked Wargaming Confidential, both show an early alpha version of the game and resemble Armored Warfare – a tank project from the Group.

According to insiders, after the closure of the studio Wargaming Seattle, its developments were transferred to Minsk for finalization. But their further fate is unknown. Originally published videos with the game were removed on the complaint of Wargaming. But you can download them from this link .

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