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YouTube began blocking popular non-commercial channels

Among the victims: MITOpenCourseWare, India’s Press Information Bureau and Blender Foundation.

Video from MITOpenCourseWare

Yesterday the video from the channels MITOpenCourseWare (the channel on which the video lections of the MIT courses are published) and the Blender Foundation (the organization for supporting the open program for 3D modeling Blender) were lost yesterday. In place of the video, a die is displayed [Video not available in your country]. Both channels have been verified by YouTube and have relatively many subscribers (1.5 million and 200 thousand). In addition, since they published educational videos, they may have been watched without subscription.

Despite the likelihood of an error in the anti-piracy content filter, it looks like a promotion of a new monetization policy. Previously blocked one of the speeches at the Blender Conference was blocked by YouTube for US users. When Ton Roosendaal(the developer of Blender) contacted the support service, he was advised to “enable monetization” in order to correct the problem. Since this is at odds with the position of the Blender Foundation, he refused to do so. Within half a year, the tech support responded that it was necessary to think, and recently (June 16) blocked as much of the video from the channel, and in all countries.

Of interesting features: in the channel settings it is indicated that monetization is enabled, although it is disabled in advanced settings. Yesterday, YouTube sent a contract, which, by signing, Blender Foundation will agree to monetize the video.

Normal settings
Advanced settings

Apparently, YouTube prohibits video without monetization.

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