What’s new in iOS 12 beta 2

Apple updated iOS 12 to the second beta. Of course, the company corrected bugs and slightly improved the operating system.

But it was not without changes:

– fixed the bug with the work of GPS (hurray!) 
– in the Podcasts application appeared the line Now plays
– the geographic position icon was updated 
– in Russia the section Screen time was activated

– applications not optimized for the iPad are now displayed from 4-inch versions of iPhone (before for tablets were used 3.5-inch versions) 
– appeared subsection Downtime. It can block the use of programs for a period of time 

– you can choose which types of applications to temporarily restrict access 

– there was a vibration when unlocking the iPhone 
– on the iPhone X is now written “I scan using Face ID”

Alas, there are also new bugs:

• Weather widget temporarily stopped working 
• can not be temporarily updated from iOS 10.2 to iOS 12 beta 2 
• Netflix can crash when uploading video 
– group calls for 32 people by FaceTime still do not work 
– CarPlay may not work with some cars

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