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The British were forbidden for five years to ask money from their parents. But he continued to do this even after the prison

For this he was sentenced to a year of public works.

Matthew Curley. Photos of the Daily Mail

In Britain, the court sentenced 24-year-old Matthew Curley (Matthew Kerley) to the year of public works for violating a five-year ban on communication with parents. Restrictions he received because he constantly begged for money from his father and mother.

In 2017, Curley was sentenced to 32 weeks of imprisonment because of harassment of parents and was forbidden to communicate with them for five years. The court ruled that Curley inflicted on parents 60-year-old Paul and 51-year-old mother Corin (Coreen) the stress and caused them anxiety. However, Curley violated the ban.

Prosecutor Liam Hunt said that the man constantly lied about the reasons for which he needed money. One day, Curley said that he needed to go for an interview, but his razor broke and he could not shave off part of his beard. His parents gave him money, probably for a hairdresser, but he returned with a beard. Sometimes Curley wrote messages to parents with criticism, then again asked for money.

He bored his parents, demanding money, and this led to accusations last year. But apparently, this behavior was resumed. Last month, for one day, he called them 30 times, including in the middle of the night.

Liam Hunt

Currie’s lawyer Julie Macy said that after the ban, the man used his parents’ bank account and expressed the hope that “it was fixed.” In prison, he realized that he was wrong, and time in prison was good for him, added Macy.

He has a friend with whom he can live, so things are getting better. He understands that he caused a lot of stress to his parents, and this must be stopped. It seems that the prison influenced him for the better.

Julie Macy
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