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The authorities and residents of Brazil were outraged by the behavior of the fans who surrounded the Russian woman and sang her insulting song

They were accused of harassing a man who does not know Portuguese, and abuse of hospitality.

Residents of Brazil for the third day discussing the behavior of their fans at the World Cup, who sang like a Russian girl obscene song.

The video appeared in social networks on June 16. Judging by the situation, it was filmed in Moscow on Nikolskaya street. On the video, the girl stood surrounded by men in T-shirts of the Brazilian national team. They started screaming the words “buceta rosa”, which can be translated as “pink vagina”, and urged the girl to repeat after them. The girl laughed and sang along, probably not understanding the words.

Although the video was sometimes shared as a joke, in Brazil, he basically caused outrage. The men were accused that they took advantage of the fact that the woman does not know Portuguese, and abuse hospitality. In Facebook, an entry appeared , the author of which apologized to the women who watched the video, called for the elimination of machismo and recalled that in Brazil every two hours there is a woman’s murder, and every 11 minutes – rape. Members of parliament, politicians and other celebrities also joined the discussion.

As local media found out, the men in the video were former and current civil servants, among them was also the former head of the tourism department of one of the Brazilian municipalities, as well as the lieutenant of the military police. In Russia the video has not received much distribution. What is the name of his heroine and whether she will complain to the authorities is unknown.

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