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Sobyanin even before the World Cup 2018 was mentioned in the media more often by Ronaldo and Messi. Because soon elections

The acting mayor enjoys what the Muscovites focus on.

Sergei Sobyanin. Photo by Viktor Vytolsky, RIA Novosti

During the last preparations for the World Cup 2018, from June 1 to June 13, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin was mentioned in the Russian media more often than potentially the main stars of the mundial – Argentinean Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. This is stated in the study of “Interfax”, made with the help of an internal system of media environment analysis.

In Russia, the “most important” persons before the World Cup are not football players, but officials

SCAN-Interfax took into account both federal and regional media in Russian (the names of the publications or their number were not specified). Most often, the publications were exposed as ” key figures ” of governors and mayors of cities, who “made many statements to defend positions.”

The most mentioned among the heads of Russian regions is Sobyanin. His leadership by and large is not surprising, for example, in March , April and Maywas exactly the same.

publication with a mention Sobyanin appeared in the media in Russian from 1 to 13 June. This is more than any other head of the city or region

Interfax did not include in the rating the number of mentions of Vladimir Putin and other federal officials, but it is obvious that the president would take one of the leading positions. For example, in another part of the study it is said that the third place among the most rating news on the World Cup took this: ” Vladimir Putin in Sochi received a fan’s passport .” Only one of this event gathered almost a thousand mentions in the media.

More names and names, including Sobyanin, are not mentioned in the main topics of publications (these are approximate, averaged headlines). The main theme is the sale of tickets for matches. But, according to the research before the start of the World Cup in 2018, the mayor of Moscow overtook all media players, including Russian ones, in the media.

the publication with the mention of Cristiano Ronaldo appeared in the media in Russian from 1 to 13 June

publication with a reference to Lionel Messi appeared in the media in Russian from 1 to 13 June

publications with the mention of Igor Akinfeev appeared in the media in Russian from 1 to 13 June

Sobyanin really a lot during the World Cup 2018

During the time covered by the study, Sobyanin made several statements about the World Cup. Many of them may seem optional or suitable only for urban media.

Sobyanin said that the World Cup will not affect the election campaign, but recognized: “During the month, many will be interested primarily in football, rather than elections.”

For example, on June 9, the media spread the mayor’s words about the launch of 120 shuttle buses ( Mosgortrans previously said ). Another statement Sobyanin became popular on June 13, when he suggested the heads of the company to give Muscovites a day off on the opening day of the World Cup-2018 (whether it happened in some companies is unknown). The mayor also warned residents of the capital about possible inconveniences during the World Cup and informed about Moscow’s readiness for the tournament (but all this is so obvious). Also Sobyanin, together with the president of FIFA, opened the FM-2018 broadcasting center and on the same day estimated the new football field in Moscow.

Sobyanin did not interrupt the mayoral work and the election campaign

During the same period, from June 1 to June 13, Sobyanin opened the traffic on Borovskoye Highway, allocated several grants, announced the refusal of turnstiles in trams. At the same time, he submitted documents for promotion to the mayors and met with the volunteers of his election headquarters.

Press releases about Sobyanin’s activities appear on his website several times a day – it’s often impossible to separate the work of the mayor from the election campaign.

Popularity of search requests about Sobyanin for the last 30 days. The main thing is that after June 12, their number has increased. Google Trends Screenshot

The election campaign for the mayor of Moscow started on June 2 and was not officially suspended for the World Cup 2018 – the voting is scheduled for September 9. Before the mundialya Putin thanked FIFA for adherence to the principle of “sports without politics.”

Sobyanin continued to make statements about the World Cup and after June 13, when the study of Interfax was completed. For example, on June 16 the mayor called on Muscovites to support the Russian national team.

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