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Report from Instagram: Celebrating the victory of Russia over Egypt

Russians at night took to the streets thanks to football – the last time this happened 10 years ago.

Fans after the victory of the national team in St. Petersburg. Photo by Sergey Yermohin, RBC

June 19 in St. Petersburg, the Russian national football team beat Egypt with a score of 3: 1 in the second round of the group stage of the World Cup. This is the Russian team for the first time in history almost guaranteed a way out to the play-off stage.

On the night of June 20, streets of Russian cities filled with thousands of fans who began to celebrate the victory and chant the name of the country. The last time something similar happened in June 2008, when Russia defeated the Netherlands at the European Championships. Fans of other countries who came to the World Cup joined the Russian fans.


Supporters help carry over the crowd a baby carriage with a child

St. Petersburg





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