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MTS registered 11-fold increase in traffic in the application of acquaintances Tinder during the World Cup 2018

Dating service is very popular on days of big sporting events

MTS studied these databases in 30 thousand of its old subscribers, the traffic from foreign guests is out of the question. In Tele2 growth recorded less – only 3.5 times.

In Tinder, the newspapers did not respond to the request – it is unlikely that the company will in principle disclose such statistics.

During the ongoing World Cup in Russia, the traffic to Tinder’s mobile dating service grew, Russian mobile operators noted.

According to the observations of MTS , the traffic of this particular application grew more than that of instant messengers and social networks – 11 times compared to the average traffic figures from the beginning of the year to June 1. MTS made such conclusions on the basis of an analysis of impersonal “big data” of 30,000 of its subscribers, who in the days of matches were near stadiums or in fan zones of the championship in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Saransk, a representative of MTS told Vedomosti . He noted that this is not about the guests of the championship, but about the long-time subscribers of the operator.

Growth of interest in Tinder among its subscribers is also noted by Tele2. According to his representative, traffic Tinder grew 3.5 times relative to the average values ​​before the start of the championship (we are talking about Tele2 subscribers with experience, and not about foreign roamers).

” Megaphone ” also noted interest in Tinder during a match – the opening of the championship between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Dating service was used at the match, it accounted for about 1% of all traffic “Luzhniki”. According to the observations of Megafon, this is half the rate of the Telegram messenger, which accounted for 2% of traffic. 72% of all Internet traffic was on the messenger WhatsApp.

At the time of publication of the note, the representative of Tinder did not respond to the request of Vedomosti.

Tinder has already announced himself at high-profile sporting events. For example, at the Winter Olympics in Phenchang, the number of users of the service has increased by 348%, the number of coincidences allowing to start a dialogue – by 644%, the number of viewed partners – by 571%, reported

Tinder is a mobile dating application owned by the American company Match Group (it also owns other dating services).

The main function of Tinder is to search for users who are nearby (in the free version of the application there is a restriction on finding pairs within a radius of 160 km). In Tinder, you can mark your favorite users with a “swipe” (swipe photos on the smartphone’s display) to the right, “svayp” to the left means that the user does not like you. If users are mutually sympathetic to each other, they form the so-called “match” and the application allows them to communicate with each other. The application has two paid versions – Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold (229 and 329 rubles per month, respectively), they also allow users to search in other geolocations – for example, a user in Brazil to look for couples in Moscow. According to the application’s own data, Tinder operates in more than 190 countries.

In the first quarter of 2018, Match Group’s revenue was $ 407 million, which is 36% more than the same period in 2017, the company reports. At the same time, the revenue of Tinder for the period increased by 150% – its share in total revenue and the absolute value of does not disclose. In the first quarter of 2018, Tinder had 3.47 million paid subscribers, according to the Match Group.

Since June 14, the total traffic in social networks and instant messengers has also increased, MTS notes : the number of calls to Facebook , Instagram, “In contact”, Whatsapp, Viber has increased by more than a third, the representative of the operator says. The number of live video broadcasts grew by 1.5 times. MTS checked its observations on the control groups of residents of the same cities and was sure that Facebook , Instagram and “In contact” support fans almost twice as often as ordinary citizens.

According to observations of Tele2, the guests of the championship use voice communication in the same way as ordinary tourists who come to Russia, but mobile Internet is not an example more active. Among the roamers, the most active visitors are those from Argentina, Mexico, the US, China, Egypt and Iceland, the operator’s spokesman said. According to Vimpelcom’s observations, visitors from the United States, Saudi Arabia, France, China and Argentina used the most traffic on the opening match. According to the company OneFactor (engaged in the analysis of large data), about 30% of guests use mobile Internet from a foreign sim card.

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