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In the Dutch city they installed special lighting for the care of rare bats

This is the first such initiative in the world.

Despite the fact that bats almost do not see anything, ordinary lights knock down their “internal compass”. In Zwidhoek Nieuwkop there are several rare species of these animals, so a special type of lighting has been established in the city .

Signify together with Wageningen University has developed special lights for the city that shine in the red color range. In addition, they operate at a wavelength that does not affect the “internal compass” of bats.

A member of the city council of Zwidhok-Nyivkop said that the city was the first place “friendly for bats.”

Nyvkop is the first city in the world that uses “smart” LED lighting, invented with friendliness to bats. When we developed our unique settlement program, the goal was to make the project as stable as possible, while preserving local species of bats with minimal impact on their behavior.

Guus Elkhuizen
member of the city council of Zwidhok-Nyivkop

The main problem with conventional lanterns was that they influenced the flight of bats and confused them at night. In addition, they attracted insects, which feed on animals.

In the city, LED lights were installed, which are synchronized to a common network. They can be controlled remotely practically in real time.

Thanks to special coverage, the authorities of the city have achieved comfortable conditions for both bats and people. In addition, now officials will be able to react quickly to the situation: to lower or increase the lighting if necessary. “Intelligent” lighting system also proved to be quite economical: in comparison with the usual urban lighting, it uses 70% less energy.

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