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“I just counted the minute”: Robbie Williams explained the meaning of the middle finger at the opening ceremony of the World Cup

And he clarified that he was required only to fall into the notes and not to fall.

Robbie William during the ceremony at the stadium Luzhniki. Getty Images

British singer Robbie Williams, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Cup, gave an interview to the morning show This Morning (“This morning”). The musician explained that he showed his middle finger to the camera to give a signal: only one minute left before the match began. To whom, the singer did not specify.

I was under great pressure. Because there was a minute, and I did not know if I could manage in half a minute. So I just counted the minute.

Robbie Williams

According to the musician, the organizers of the performance gave him only two conditions: to sing in notes and not to fall when passing through the scenery. He noted that 99% coped with this task, and added that at such times he might not trust himself: “I do not know what I will do at any given time.”

The authors of Joe suggested that in fact Williams just joked about why he actually showed an indecent gesture on the air (Fox subsequently had to apologize to his audience for this incident).

On June 14, Robbie Williams showed his middle finger during the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the World Cup at the Luzhniki stadium. Before that, he replaced the line from his song “Rock DJ” with the phrase “I did this for free”.



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