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How to watch the 2018 World Cup: fan zone, bars and laser projectors

There is a long-awaited World Cup in Russia. Such an excitement was never. All on football – on stadiums, to screens and cheering for champions.

How to watch all the matches, have time for all the games? With maximum comfort and quality? And at the same time to spend a minimum?

He made a full guide to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and answered these questions – first of all, for himself.

I did not watch football after the Russia-Japan failure. It’s time to return.

The stadium and all-all-everything: who did not have time, that fellow

At such an event as the 2018 World Cup is worth a visit. But there is one thing: Russian distances will not allow them to visit all matches.

Guests are met 11 cities and 4 time zones: Moscow, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Kazan, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Yekaterinburg. Great !?

Not really. Getting to Kaliningrad from Moscow is not so easy. And in Saransk by direct flight, if you could, you can not find tickets anymore. Residents of other cities of Russia are also not waiting for the most pleasant surprises: even if the transport allows you to get directly, tickets for the time between matches are already sold out.

The day before yesterday I went to “Moscow-Ulyanovsk”, in which there was not even a SW left – all to Saransk. This does not happen even in the New Year holidays, when students return home on vacation for this branch. 

But to get there is half the battle. The stadiums are crammed and tickets are sold out. There is a good way out: fan zones for public viewing of the Championship matches, they are also the venue for the Festival of FIFA fans.

For example, in Moscow, the 2018 World Cup fan zone opened on the Vorobyovy Gory with a 27-meter stage and huge screens. Enjoy the game can be from a distance of 100-150 meters – I did not exaggerate, even downplay.

If without jokes – in my opinion, for those who did not manage to buy a ticket for the desired match, the fan zone will become one of the best places to view the main part of the championship match. And is it worth to go to all the matches? 

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit the fan zone:

The match preview is free. For all – local and newcomers, fans and passers-by.

They sell merchandise. If you come without the symbols – you can buy the official one. But do not, it is very expensive: key chains for 400 rubles, matryoshka – 7 thousand, plush Zabilka – 2-3 thousand, T-shirts – from 2.

Sell ​​alcohol. There are also non-alcoholic drinks. Expensive, really.

There will be a bunch of foreigners. A great way to meet new people, sick with the whole head of football. Well, or to quarrel – it depends on you, a fan.

Safely. To get into the fan zone, you need: a) to pass the frame of the metal detector, b) the gaze of the policemen. Inadequate will output. Knives, brass knuckles, cutting-pricking will be selected. Preparation is excellent.

All fan zones are located in historical or new, but very steep places. Another reason to visit them: the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, the “Kazan” Family Center, the Yekaterinburg Central Culture and Recreation Park. The map and list of places is here .

Although, the best matches should be held in a chamber setting (albeit not so secure).

The atmosphere is not a problem: for a match in the bar

You can go with friends to the sports bar. Together more fun, together – right. Well, you can always choose the one where a big company of interests will meet.

And in bars, the viewing is well thought out: large screens, dimmed light, drinks for every taste. And where the fan zones are more comfortable, on which thousands of residents will gather – Vorobyovy Gory will receive about 10 thousand guests, the Kuibyshev square in Samara – 35 thousand.

With friends have reserved tables and sofas for the time of such games:

  • 14.06, 19-00, Russia-Saudi Arabia (Moscow)
  • 15.06, 22-00, Portugal-Spain (Sochi)
  • 17.06, 19-00, Germany-Mexico (Moscow)
  • 19.06, 22-00, Russia-Egypt (St. Petersburg)
  • 21.06, 22-00, Argentina-Croatia (Nizhny Novgorod)
  • 25.06, 18-00, Uruguay-Russia (Samara)
  • 26.06, 22-00, Nigeria Argentina (St. Petersburg)
  • 28.06, 22-00, England-Belgium (Kaliningrad)

We arrange a stadium at home

Why did not I just offer to see the World Cup at home?

An integral part of watching football is a large room or screen. The main thing at home is a large screen, and the big screen is a projector.

Earlier we already wrote about modern projectors , that these are not the same old devices for viewing filmstrips, the image meets the highest requirements, complete darkness is not needed, and they are not so expensive. And now I will tell about something really cool, like World Cup – a laser short-focus projector . 

At the iPhones office, thanks to our friends from Epson, the Epson EH-LS100 laser short-focus projector recently appeared . Therefore, I will watch matches without leaving the workplace.

Yes, that laser projector is the most technologically advanced way to watch epic things today. Laser projectors quickly change the picture, they have a low delay, a steep image. Some chips and at all allow such things to replace TVs.

This incredible unit can project an image almost flush against the wall. The projection ratio of the EH-LS100 reaches 1.27 to 1. That is, if you place it at a distance of 21 centimeters from the screen, you will get an image with a diagonal of 90 inches.

(For those who will consider – the lens is in the depth of the case, it will be 55 centimeters).

And this is not the limit. The maximum diagonal that the projector is capable of is 130 inches ! I mean, almost the whole wall.

A simple installation is the main feature of short-focus projectors. If you need a certain place for ordinary projectors, then the installation of a short-focus proctor becomes easier than installing a TV with such a diagonal. Only a smooth wall is needed. And the stand.

And if necessary – you can take with you to look at a more suitable place, the benefit weighs not like a steam locomotive – only 11 kg. 

When they say about the projector as a “replacement of TV”, they assume intensive use. The resource of the laser light source EH-LS100 is estimated at 20,000 hours and 30,000 hours in an economical mode. It’s more than 8 hours of daily use for 4 years!

Laser short-focus projector, or TV is no longer needed

It’s no secret that making a choice in favor of the projector, you can get a large picture of 100-130 inches, but at the cost of a lower contrast. This loss can be compensated by muffling the light or (which not everyone knows about) by choosing a projector with a high brightness . At Epson EH-LS100 with a reserve of brightness everything is all right – 4000 lumens . 

For perfectionists, there are special black screens. They are not cheap, but you know, impressions are priceless, for the rest there isMaster Card PEACE.

We sent the projector to an ordinary light wall and it did not stop to enjoy the picture. The first start-up of the Epson EH-LS100 projector caused the same wow effect as when the first time a device with a Retina screen got into the hands.

Scenes with an abundance of highlights literally come to life, play with light, overflows. As in life – or on top television. However, given the support for 10-bit color is not surprising.

If necessary, you can change the color by setting the color mode: “Game”, “Movie”, “Bright movie”, “Dynamic”. Each of them changes perception, betting on their own brightness settings and color ratios. Cool!

Normal play allows a moderate image delay. It is only 56 milliseconds, that is, it loses 4 frames out of 60. To play in Fifa or WOT absolutely does not interfere. 

He also does not have a “rainbow”, which appears on projectors on another technology because of the sequential output of individual colors at a slow update rate of the image.

The source of content for EH-LS100 is any smartphone or computer via HDMI (3 pieces), USB (only 1) or without wires. You can and without them – directly from the USB flash drive (2 more USB) or via Wi-Fi / LAN.

The analog connectors are a complete set – RCA, 3.5 mm, VGA. Built-in speaker on board is present. What else is needed for a quick start? Now all the devices working in the office are working with the projector, the connection takes about 30 seconds. 

In short, not to bore, and as a conclusion, the Epson EH-LS100 is:

  • a laser projector with a light source resource of 20-30 thousand hours,
  • brightness of 4000 lumens,
  • which is put close (!) to the wall and projects the screen up to 130 inches
  • intended as a replacement for TV (and where to get a TV diagonal at least 80 inches for adequate money? ..)

So it turns out that those who want a picture in the wall, but do not plan to bother with a ceiling or some other installation of a classic projector, this model should be just right.

We are ready for World Cup 2018. And you?

By the way, back to the topic of football. It will be most convenient to watch all matches of the 2018 World Cup on the sports channels of cable TV, for example NTV-Plus TV.

Together with the freshly purchased Epson EH-LS100 and other Epson home projectors, you can take part in the “Stadium at Your Home” campaign, which Epson co-organizes with NTV-Plus TV: a two-month subscription to all channels is attached to the projector. Just time to see the Championship in maximum quality ( FullHD is definitely there ).

The promotion is held until July 31. If you think about it – it’s worth buying right now, a good option to make a choice in favor of this brand, is not it?

In the end, NTV-Plus TV is not only a sport, but also several 4K video channels, interesting news and popular science broadcasts, and much, much more.

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