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Elon Musk was asked to build a Jurassic Park. He approved the idea, now everyone is afraid

Flamers want many, and to become a breakfast for a dinosaur – for some reason not.

Shot from the film “The World of the Jurassic Period” (2015)

Since June 7, in theaters, the film ” Jurassic World 2 ” about dinosaurs in the modern world is a continuation of the remake of the famous series of director Steven Spielberg. Against the background of one of the main summer premieres, the Twitter user turned to the head of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk with an unusual request – to build a real amusement park with live dinosaurs.

“Elon, we need a real Jurassic Park”
Musk responded a little less than 20 minutes later. And he answered approvingly.

Since Musk is known for unusual ideas (tunnel under Los Angeles, Tesla in space, ” nego-dark “), many were not surprised and the fact that he can build a real park with dinosaurs.

“You went to the flamethrower market, and now you plan to release dinosaurs. Well done, sir. ”

“Why not combine their [ideas] and make dinosaurs with flamethrowers?” You will kill two birds with one stone at a time. ”

“We literally have a series of films about why this is an absolutely horrible idea … Do it!”
No more details from Musk followed. It is not known what proportion of the joke in his words and whether he is actually going to consider the proposal. But to Twitter users this was enough to start to be afraid.

“Do not throw ideas to him!” // On gifke: “Yes, that’s how it always begins. And then everyone runs and screams “”
On Twitter, it was suggested that you can just as easily direct the efforts of the Musk to the other side. But so far no response has been received.

“Okay, let’s try this: Ilon, we need to stop the massive famine in the world and give everyone access to clean water and education”
In April, Musk told about another unusual project – the construction of a dragon-cyborg, whose market, in his opinion, “undeservedly deprived of attention.” No details or illustrations were forthcoming.

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