Caviar introduced iPhone X with the names of players of the Russian national team

Brand Caviar, which produces exclusive and limited versions of gadgets, introduced a new variation of the iPhone X, reports The back cover of the smartphone Apple was decorated with the Russian coat of arms and 24 names of participants of the Russian national football team (23 players and one coach). The same edition and will be released iPhone X Caviar National Teams Russian Heroes.

The case of the iPhone X is additionally decorated with hexagons, which symbolize the design of a soccer ball. “The design of this iPhone X literally embodies the devotion of the fans and their belief in the success of the team, ” says the product description on the Caviar website.

It is worth a limited iPhone X 237 thousand Russian rubles – this is about 7,5 thousand Belarusian rubles, which is more than twice as expensive as a regular smartphone Apple.

Caviar thoroughly prepared for the World Cup – 2018: previously the brand introduced other designs dedicated to football topics.

The Russian team has now held meetings with the teams of Saudi Arabia and Egypt within the framework of the world competition. The team both matches.

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