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Canada legalized marijuana second in the world

Prior to this, the only such country was Uruguay.

Smoke from Marijuana in Ontario. Getty Photos

Canada became the first developed country to legalize Marijuana and the second such country in the world. The Canadian Senate approved a bill C-45 approving marijuana. This was reported by the BBC.

Earlier the law was approved by the House of Representatives, therefore after approval by the Senate it can be considered accepted. Now the government will only have to choose the date of its entry into force.

It is assumed that the first legitimate sales of marijuana will begin in 2-3 months after the approval of the law in the Senate – in September-October 2018. After that, Canadians can legitimately use marijuana, and also grow it at home and sell it to adults.

The government will monitor the violation of the law: for example, to ensure that marijuana is not sold to minors. In addition, manufacturers will have to obtain appropriate licenses.

Authorities of 13 Canadian provinces will be able to independently tighten certain norms of the law. For example, the minimum age for the sale of marijuana.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, one of whose campaign promises in 2015 was to legalize marijuana, said on Twitter that so far children could easily buy a drug from criminals, but now this will change. His message, he backed the hashtem “the promise is kept.”

“It was too easy for our children to get marijuana, and for criminals – to make a profit. Today we will change this. Our plan to legalize and regulate marijuana has just passed the Senate ”
Since 1923, the use of marijuana in Canada was considered a crime. In 2001, the country was allowed to use it for medical purposes. In the US, only 9 states out of 50 legalize marijuana use and in 29 states it can be used for medical purposes and here are some you can easy to smoke .

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