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Canada is the second in the world to legalize marijuana. Interest of Americans to move has sharply grown

From Russia, too, you can move – though it’s harder.

On June 19, Canada became the second country in the world to completely legalize marijuana in the wake of Uruguay. The date of the law’s entry into force is still unknown, but the first legal parties will start selling until the end of 2018.

Canadians will be able to use marijuana not only for medical purposes, but also freely buy and sell to adults. In addition, they were allowed to grow marijuana at home, but for sale it will be necessary to obtain a license.

Americans, the nearest neighbors of Canadians, have been going to legalize marijuana for several years, but so far they have only achieved partial decriminalization for medical purposes. However, permission is not available in all states: for example, in Kansas, Texas and Idaho, marijuana is still banned .

Including because of this, the number of requests for Google on the topic of moving to Canada increased. The most popular of them is “How to become a citizen of Canada,” according to Google’s trends.

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How to move to Canada from Russia – 5 ways:
  • The Express Entry program is for programmers, doctors and other professionals with higher education. It is necessary to confirm the knowledge of the language, pass several examinations in the specialty and have at least a year of work in office;
  • The migration program is for refugees who can prove that they are being persecuted in Russia. As a rule, it allows residents of the districts where the war is going on, representatives of LGBT people or politically repressed citizens;
  • Family program – for those who live / are in a relationship / married to a citizen or resident of Canada who is willing to sponsor the move. A spouse must not only pay for the execution of documents, but also prove that he is able to provide a partner for three years. The same program concerns parents who want to transport children;
  • Work program – for those who want to get a working visa from a foreign employer under the Labor Market Impact Assessment program . The employer must prove that there are no such specialists in Canada, but an employee, that he is a professional and has the means to move;
  • A business program is for those who are willing to invest 10 million Canadian dollars in the local economy and prove that this money is earned legally.
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