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A mobile game on the TV series Westworld for iOS and Android was released

It reminds of Fallout: Shelter – it needs to manage a huge theme park with ever-dispersing guests and androids.

June 19, iOS and Android became free of charge access to the game Westword, created on the plot of the HBO channel of the same name. Her development was occupied by studio Warner Bros. Games.

In the game you need to control the simulation of the amusement park “Delos” from the series. On the surface of the park there is the station “Sweetwater” with a train that brings guests: they come to take a piss in local institutions and try the thrill.

Guests are entertained by androids-hosts: their production and management in the underground complex under the park is the player himself. For example, he can produce a robot playing the role of a bandit, so that he “rescues” the guest from the sheriff’s hands. Guests come and go, and the androids remain: over time, they get a level (they will bring more money), but there may be disruptions.

The task is to constantly improve the level of satisfaction of visitors to the park, build in it all new entertainment and produce more perfect androids. The game has several characters from the series: the observer for the behavior of androids Bernard, hosts Teddy, Maeve and Dolores, Delos management and the creative director of the park – Robert Ford.

The game is free, but it has an internal currency that is used to accelerate interactions between androids and guests, as well as to purchase new buildings and androids. There is no Russian interface in the application.

In the spring, the media reported that the release of the application was originally scheduled for June 21, but in Australia the game was released in mid-April. The developers of the service introduced a special pre-registration system for those who were particularly eager to download the game among the first – and according to internal data the number of applications exceeded one million.

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