8 new hidden features iOS 12

The beta version of iOS 12 has been available for developers and all owners of the cherished profile for several weeks already . We are closely studying the system and have already found all the significant changes and chips that have deteriorated in the new version of the system .

Now we offer eight small changes, which may prompt the transition to a new version of iOS.

1. Convenient clipboard

Copied data and links in iOS 12 are displayed in the Spotlight menu.

So you do not have to start the browser or another application after copying, you can open the universal search string and click on the content to open.

How to enable: you need to activate the option in the Settings – Siri and Search – Suggestions in Search .

2. Disabling Automatic Software Update


A handy feature also appeared in the iOS update menu. Now you can turn off the automatic update of the system without resorting to deceiving the system by loading third-party profiles.

Now, any user can stay on the version of the system that he likes and does not receive constant messages about the presence of updates.

Let’s hope that the chip is not a feature of the test build and will remain in the final release of iOS 12.

How to enable: the switch is in the Settings – Basic – Software Update – Auto Update menu .

3. Ubiquitous Reachability

A chip called “Easy Access” allows you to double-tap the interface of the system by half the screen on the Home key or with the Swipe down near the bottom border of the display by double tapping (just by tapping, not pressing).

The option appeared in iOS 8 with the announcement of the iPhone 6 and is included in the Settings – Basic – Universal Access menu .

Since then, up to iOS 12, convenient access only worked in strictly allocated corners of the system.

Especially it upset the owners of the iPhone X, because they have to reach the top of the display much more often, it is from there on last year’s flagships called the control point.

In iOS 12 Easy access added to the screen lock, in the smartphone’s shutdown menu and even in a series of system partitions, making access to the top of the screen easier.

How to enable: simply activate the Reachability mode ( Settings – Basic – Universal access ).

4. Suggestions for Siri

Updated Siri already provides a lot of room for fantasy and customization with the appearance of the section Shortcuts . It is here that you can create your own voice command for frequently performed actions with the smartphone.

A subtle but not less useful chip is Siri’s Suggestions .

The most sensible application at the moment is a reminder of a missed call. It will be displayed on the lock screen even after the notification is hidden.

If you quickly skipped the lock screen or accidentally cleared notifications, Siri’s suggestions will not be lost from the notification center.

How to enable: Settings – Siri and Search – Offers on the locked screen .

5. Animoji recognizes eye movement

One of the most useless chips iOS 12, to the credit of the developers, began to work even better.

At WWDC 18 users showed four new images and recognition of language movements.

Cook and the company forgot to mention that the animogies know how to recognize the movements of the pupils of the eyes, making the virtual animal even more realistic.

How to enable: do not include anything, just use the improved Animoji on iPhone X.

6. Warning about identical passwords


In the standard keyring you can now see a special warning, which prompts sites with the same password for authorization.

A good reason to think about the security of confidential data and change the old one-type codes.

How to enable: go to Settings – Passwords and accounts – Passwords for sites and programs, repeated passwords will be marked with an exclamation mark.

7. Restriction on the use of the application


In the new settings menu with a strange Russian-language name “Screen Name” you can set limits for working with application groups.

Initially, developers offer to limit the time for a certain category of programs, for example, for games, social networks, educational programs, fitness applications and others.

A little later it turned out that you can set a time limit for a certain application, not just a group of programs.

How to enable: you need to go to Settings – Screen Time – Usage statistics (click on the diagram). Here we find the application in the list and click on the icon with an hourglass.

Set the time limit and click the Add button .

You can delete the limit in the Settings – Screen Time – Program Limits menu .

8. Do not disturb while going to sleep


If you track sleep in the standard Clock application on the Sleep tab , be pleasantly surprised by the appearance of an additional option.

The Do Not Disturb switch during a retirement is responsible for muffling the notifications at the time the user needs to get ready for bed.

Important calls and messages will bypass the lock, and all the rest will be postponed till the morning.

How to enable: Start the Clock application and in the settings on the Sleep Mode tab , turn on the switch when the mode is set.

We are waiting for the next test versions and new cool chips iOS 12.

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