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Volgograd attacked midges during the World Cup 2018. The English team was not ready for this

As a result, one of the players fleeing from insects aerosols, and someone – flight.

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A few days before the first match of the World Cup in Volgograd between England and Tunisia, the city was attacked by midges and mosquitoes. According to the correspondent of , there were so many insects that an exception was made for this match in the rules of safety – they allowed to carry aerosols to the local fan zone.

If the residents of Volgograd reacted to the problem more with humor, the fans of both countries participating in the match were not ready for this. “Here all are very friendly, except for midges. She somehow does not like us and tries to eat, “- told the publication fans of the national team of Tunisia.

In the city knew that the attack of midges can come at the time of the World Cup 2018. In April, the authorities were going to connect aviation and spend 42 million rubles on fighting insects. According to the Evening Standard, above Volgograd-Arena stadium, shortly before the match with the drone, a spray was sprayed from the midge.

With the attack of insects, British journalists also collided. Someone could not record the plot on the first attempt, and someone began to advertise in social networks aerosols. “Their billions. Fortunately, they do not try to bite you, but their very presence is unpleasant, ” said BBC official John Murray.

“Journalist – 1, mosquitoes – 0. I hope they will not be during tomorrow’s game”

“Fans of England – take the remedy for midges. I have a feeling that tomorrow we will need it all ”

“How bad are the cases with mosquitoes in Volgograd? This policeman wears a net on his head »
June 18 at the warm-up before the game with Tunisia went to the England team – and the players immediately encountered insects.

The players also had to spray themselves with aerosol. According to observations of correspondent , who was present at the match, during the game of mosquitoes and midges was not.

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Attack of midges is an annual problem for Volgograd. A few days before the match, the governor of the region Andrei Bocharov told that “this issue is under control” and “unprecedented measures” are taken to protect the guests of the World Cup.

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