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“VKontakte” has launched a new form of chat rooms – chatroom. This is a conversation where you can chat with random people

So far, they are only available for discussion of the 2018 World Cup.

Together with the launch of the thematic tape for the World Cup in VKontakte, chat room appeared – group chat rooms where you can discuss football with other users of the network. This was highlighted by the publication of iGuides .

Representatives of “VKontakte” explained to that so far in the social network there are only chatmums dedicated to the 2018 World Cup. You can get to them through the application with information about current matches (there is a corresponding button) or by a direct link .

The user gets into a random chat room to random people, and this chat is assigned to him – that is, if you quit the chat room and join the discussion of the 2018 World Cup again, you’ll still get into the old chat room.

In such chats there is a limit on the number of participants – in one chatrum there can be no more than 400 people (in regular chat rooms, “VKontakte” there can be a maximum of 250 participants). If the chatroom is filled, new users get into the newly created one.

In addition to the element of randomness in the chat rooms devoted to the World Cup 2018, there is also integration with chatbots. After every goal scored, substitution or other important event in the match, a message with information comes to the conversation, and if you click on the word “Goal” in the desktop version of the social network, an animation of soccer balls appears on the screen.

In “VKontakte” they told that over a day in such chats there are more than 500 thousand messages, and all of them are more than 100 thousand users. The exact number of created chatrum social networking representatives was difficult to name, but since they are limited to 400 participants, there are at least 250 of them.

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