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US Senate forbids ZTE to work in the country, despite the agreement of Trump

Chinese telecommunications company ZTE still forbid to work in the US and with US companies. Earlier, the company agreed to Trump’s offer to pay a $ 1 billion penalty for violations and dismissed part of the board of directors. In particular, we are talking about trade with North Korea and Iran, bypassing US sanctions. 

But the US Senate did not go for the deal. In voting for the restoration of sanctions against the company “for”, 85 senators spoke, and “against” – only 10.

Sanctions against ZTE were introduced in April this year. American companies were forbidden to have any business relations with this company. Since ZTE relies on American chip manufacturers, the company’s position in the smartphone market can seriously be shaken. In addition, US lawmakers are seriously apprehensive that ZTE (and Huawei) can work closely with the Chinese government and pass on information about American users to them.

Donald Trump, who allegedly settled the conflict over ZTE with the leader of China, now intends to prevent the emergence of sanctions against this company in the final document on the budget of the US Department of Defense for the 2019 financial year.

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