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Ukrainian MP offered to fine for public manifestations of sexual orientation

The bill is already registered .

Oleg Barna, along with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, show something

People’s deputy of the “Bloc of Peter Poroshenko” Oleg Barna proposed to impose a fine for “public manifestation of sexual orientation.”

“Public manifestation of sexual orientation” in the draft law refers to public marches, open meetings, festivals, the public use of specific symbols, the distribution of thematic materials in the media or on the Internet, aimed at promoting any sexual orientation.

The fine is offered in the amount of 5.1 thousand hryvnia (about 12 thousand rubles) to 51 thousand (about 123 thousand).

In his Facebook politician stated the following:

I am for a healthy nation.

What the wise shy, the fool boasts

By tomorrow’s “march of equality” in Kiev, unconventional and non-traditional daring and shameless individuals made a “gift”: registered a bill banning public actions of any sexual nature.

I hope that next year there will be no public marches, speeches related to any sexual orientation. I invite all LGBB [note: ???] and sexually concerned individuals sexually healthier with weapons in the east and eradicate dope and shamelessness. Focus on your health as you want, but I do not want to see it before my eyes and I do not want our children to watch it.

Oleg Barna
Ukrainian deputy from the “Bloc of Peter Poroshenko”
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