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Trump announced the creation of the US military-space forces

Americans should not only confront Russia and China in space, but also resume flights to the Moon and Mars, the president believes.

US President Donald Trump announced that he would soon order the Pentagon to create a military space force – a separate branch of the US military system, which will be allocated from the air force. This was reported by the Washington Post with reference to the Associated Press.

“We will have the Air Force and will be VKS”: President Trump obsches plans for “the sixth branch of the armed forces” at a meeting of the National Space Council “

According to Trump, America is the “unconditional leader” in the field of space research and should revive space flights under its own flag – including the Moon and Mars. He added that the issues of outer space relate to issues of national security, and he would not want the US in this area to “outstrip China and Russia.”

As noted by the publication New Scientist, the new Trump program will not resemble the Strategic Defense Initiative (also known as the Star Wars program) – a campaign to create a deployed missile defense system in outer space, which in 1983 was launched by the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan.

In the summer of 2017, an analogue of the US military council was proposed by the House of Representatives Committee on Armed Forces, but then the Trump administration did not support this project. After almost a year Trump returned to this idea: he first jokingly called the space the same battlefield as the earth, water and air, and then suggested that this was a “great idea.”

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