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The teaser of the film “Inran: The Wolf Brigade” was released

In the late 90s, Mamoru Hosea (anime “Ghost in the Shell”) wrote the script for a quite good full-length animation “Werewolves” (Jin-Roh). Now he also turned out to be the scriptwriter of the action film “Inran: The Wolf Brigade” with another background, but guessed elements from the animation. The teaser of this South Korean film was published on YouTube.

In the original anime, it was about an alternative story in which Japan suffered defeat in the Second World War, not from its allies, but from Nazi Germany. In the film, inspired by the anime, it will be about the unification of South and North Korea. This process has both supporters and opponents. And on the fight against terrorists stands the heavily armed counterterrorist unit “Wolf Brigades”.

He shoots a film by Kim Ji-un, known for his naturalistic thriller “I saw the devil.”

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