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The Estonian public figure in Facebook compared Russia with the Reich. Employees of the Russian embassy reminded him of Nazi lampshades

And then closed the comments under the record.

On June 6, the Russian embassy in Estonia handed over to local diplomats a list of people who were banned from entering Russia. This decision was a response to the adoption in the republic of a local analogue of the Magnitsky Law. Among the non-grata persons there was also the head of one of the Estonian non-profit youth organizations Yevgeny Krishtafovich.

On June 18, Krishtafovich commented on the Facebook entry of the Russian embassy in Estonia. He accused the authors of the page of the work on the Olginsky “troll factory” and demanded “a document certifying the administrative action” (probably, this is a ban on entry).

Representatives of the embassy answered Krishtafovich that he could find exhaustive information in the search engine. After that, the public official stated that he would “keep this certificate for descendants”.

Imagine if today someone had an official letter signed by, say, the ambassador of the Third Reich in Moscow, Count Schulenburg, that a citizen of such and such is a “Nazi-Fob” and a personal enemy of Hitler!

Evgeny Krishtafovich
public figure

On the complaint of Krishtafovich at the embassy they answered that with their “attempts at working out the British guidelines on the equalization of Russia and the Reich,” he only confirms “the plane and primitiveness of thinking.”

Flaunting the Nazis, remember that if it were not for the Soviet warrior, at best you would be a shade, at worst – with soap.

Embassy of Russia in Estonia
in response to Yevgeny Krishtafovich

When the incident was first publicized first by Krishtafovich himself, and then by several Russian media , the embassy staff closed the comments under the record and deleted the statements. They motivated their actions by “leaving the discussion beyond the framework of mutually respectful normative vocabulary”.

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