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The creators of Prisma came up with the social service Capture with artificial intelligence. And they received investments from Mail.Ru Group

What the application is is not yet revealed.

The founders of the photo application Prisma Alexei Moiseenkov and Aram Hayrapetyan informed Business Insider and TechCrunch that they started working on their new startup – the social service Capture. The purpose of the service has not yet been disclosed publicly, but its creators have already received an investment of $ 1 million.

According to the founders of Capture Technologies , they received money from a group of investors led by the American fund General Catalist. The company is most known for investments in the early stages of project creation: for example, it was invested in Airbnb, KAYAK and Snapchat. In the round, also participated Russian Mail.Ru Group, confirmed the representatives of the holding.

The creators of Capture told about plans to launch the beta version in September-October, the application itself – at the end of the year. At the same time, it is not known exactly what the project or social application is.

According to the founders of the startup, they intend to bring “an absolutely new and unique experience” of user interaction with the help of artificial intelligence. They also plan to pay special attention to mobile applications and the instant result as in Prisma. Some Capture functions (which are also unknown at the moment) may change during the development process, the authors noted.

Screenshot of Capture site
Screenshot of Capture site

Moiseenkov and his partners left Prisma in early June, refusing to comment on the reasons for leaving and the future of the project. According to the creators of the photo application, they left it “in good condition.”

Photo application Prisma, which was transferred with the help of neural networks, the styles of famous artists in the photos of users, launched in 2016. Mail.Ru Group was also one of the investors.

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