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“Shit” industry and “key” from Telegram: four quotes from the first interview of Klimenko after the resignation

Former adviser to the president on the state of the Internet industry and the blocking of the messenger.

Herman Klimenko, Echo expert Sergei Oseledko and host Alexander Plyuschev

Former adviser to the president on Internet development Herman Klimenko gaveEkho Moskvy the first big interview after resigning from his post, which was then liquidated and replaced with whole management.

Klimenko has already lost his status as an official, but he has not yet decided on the next place of work: this explains the unusual degree of freedom in his statements on Echo. For example, he called the “shit” Internet industry (he was in charge of it for 2.5 years) and bluntly stated that he would have closed Telegram if he had had a “key” (previously he basically spoke about Pavel Durov’s messenger more restrainedly ).

About what Klimenko himself would have done with Telegram

Telegram, if it does not cooperate with the state, will be closed. […]

I can tell you even now that yes, indeed, if I had been given a key three years ago, I would have closed it. The problem is that [the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander] Zharov was mistaken in one thing: he started the disease until the moment when she was already uncontrollable.

Herman Klimenko
former presidential adviser on the Internet

About why Roskomnadzor does not block Telegram

Do you know why this is happening? Regulations on Roskomnadzor. It’s written in the forehead how it blocks. He does not have budgets, he does not have staffs.

Invite any good system-builder here and ask him a neat question. Just do not ask about Telegram, and then he will zamnotsya and lie. And say: “Is it possible to degrade traffic? ..”. He will answer you – you can. […]

And Zharov does not have this right. He has the right one thing: ban on IP – everything, nothing more.

About the state of the industry

The fact is that you can do a lot in the position “I’m a girl, I want a dress”, but for this it is necessary to go not as an adviser to the president, but it is necessary to go, say, to a rally on the Marsh. […]

And our industry … But honestly – only medicine is shit. […]

In fact, through force, if we consider all the laws that we adopted in the Duma, let’s now honestly say: they do not work.

Herman Klimenko
former presidential adviser on the Internet

About your future

I’m going back to my projects – once. I also have “Mediametrix”, the remains of LiveInternet, statistics. There some work is going on, they are doing something.

Secondly – in my opinion, somewhere in half a year after I joined the officials, I began to heat for telemedicine. I spent two and a half years knocking in medicine, clearing the way for Internet companies.

Herman Klimenko
former presidential adviser on the Internet
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