Musk sent a letter to Tesla employees about “destructive” sabotage inside the company

The entrepreneur suggested that the saboteur could act in the interests of his competitors.

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The head of Tesla Elon Musk sent an e-mail to all employees that the company was a saboteur who made “direct changes in the code” of internal systems and passed data to third parties. This is reported by the publication CNBC, which had the text of the letter, several Tesla employees confirmed to journalists its authenticity.

According to a report from Musk, an unnamed employee took this step because he did not receive a promotion at work. He had already confessed to sabotage. However, general director Tesla suggested that in the sabotage, “Wall Street brokers”, “oil and gas companies” and competitors from larger automakers could be interested. Musk recalled that some traditional car manufacturers underestimated the data on harmful emissions, which means that they, probably, “are ready to deceive and in other ways.”

Also, the businessman sent a second letter to the employees, in which he told about “another strange incident”: a fire at the Tesla manufacturing plant, which became the fifth since 2014. Because of this, Musk urged all employees to be vigilant, because the “external forces” have a motivation to stop the company’s work.

Tesla was to increase production of Model 3 to five thousand cars a week by the end of 2017, but could not reach this figure. Only when this indicator is achieved will the company stop producing cars at a loss. As of June 5, the company produces about 3,500 pieces per week.

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