iPhone will send coordinates to the rescue service when calling on 911

In iOS 12, iPhone will automatically transfer the location of the caller to number 911 to the rescue service.
Most of the calls to the rescue service are carried out from the mobile, the coordinates of which are much more difficult than the fixed phones, which delays the provision of first aid, writes The Wall Street Journal.
The RapidSOS startup, promoted by three former members of the leadership of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, has created a technology that allows you to send information about the location of a user from a smartphone or other device connected to the Internet directly to the call centers of the rescue service. RapidSOS technology will be part of iOS 12, which will be available to iPhone users later this year, Apple said.

According to American regulators, a one-minute reduction in the provision of care can save about 10,000 lives per year.

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