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In the United States, the teacher handed over her essays written off from Wikipedia for her students. Although they did not ask her about it

Later, she was fired after discovering another unauthorized forgery.

Melita Agbabiaka. Photo of New York Post, Shutterstock

A teacher of the Bronx public school, Melita Agbabiaka, handed over fake essays for her students to the school science fair. According to her, this was asked by the students themselves, but they denied these words. This was reported by The New York Post.

Initially, the deputy director of the school drew attention to the situation: he noted that the texts for the science fair had been “copied from Wikipedia”. After that, the teacher with five years of official experience said that she would simply ask the students to retake the work.

The disciples themselves said that they “had no idea what she was talking about” and turned to Agbabiak. After that, she confessed that she committed forgery arbitrarily – first before the students, and then before the leadership. According to her, she felt bad, because “the schoolchildren had so much work.”

After that, the local education department began an investigation of Agbabiak’s activities and found out that she had falsified the activity of the students before: she assessed the student who had handed in an empty form during the exam-cut. As noted by NYP, it is for this exam that officials “basically assess the effectiveness” of the teacher.

Agbabiak was dismissed immediately after the results of the investigation became known. She stopped responding to the journalist’s reports and continues to deny the charges brought against her.

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