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In Thailand, for the first time in nine years, the perpetrator was executed

He became the seventh sentenced to injection for 15 years after the replacement of the execution.

The Minister of Justice visits a room for the death penalty in one of the Thai prisons. Photos of Khaosd

In Thailand, for the first time since 2009, a criminal who was sentenced to death was executed. He was accused of killing a teenager because of a mobile phone, reportsBangkok Post.

On June 18, the 26-year-old Tirasak Longji was executed, he was found guilty of the murder of a 17-year-old teenager in 2012. Longzhi inflicted 24 knife wounds on the deceased, took his mobile phone and wallet. The defense tried to appeal the verdict in the appellate and supreme courts, but they did not abolish it.

In 2003, the Thai authorities were replaced by a deadly injection shot. The execution of Longzhi was the first since 2009, following the execution of the verdict against two drug dealers. He became the seventh person who was sentenced to an injection by injection. In total, since 1930, in Thailand, executed 326 people, noted the publication of StarTribune.

The human rights organization Amnesty International condemned the death penalty and called it a “delay” for the country.

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