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From the Portuguese airport, removed the “horrifying” statue of Cristiano Ronaldo, which became a meme

Local residents are already asking to return the bust, because it attracts “more attention” to the region.

Left – old bust, on the right – a new bust. Collage Bleacher Report

In 2017, at the airport of the island of Madeira, Portugal, solemnly presented the bust of the most famous native of the region – footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Sculpture quickly became a meme because of the “curvature” and small similarity with the athlete. June 18, airport officials announced that they changed the bust to another, more like Ronaldo.

Example of jokes about bust

According to local media, the family of the player became the initiator of the reshuffle. Sculpture without ceremony was put on June 15 – the day when Ronaldo made a hat-trick in a match against Spain at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The brother of the Portuguese noted that the new bust “looks better”, and the old one will be given to the football player’s museum.

For the author of the sculpture-meme of Manuel Santos, replacing his work was asurprise. Previously, he n riznal that famous “crooked” bust turned to his depression and “heavy days”.

At first I thought it was a joke, but [still] went to the airport to check. When I saw a new bust, I was very upset. It was disappointing. A big surprise for me.

Manuel Santos

The people of Madeira began collecting signatures for the return of the old sculpture of Ronaldo. “The bust attracts more attention to our island, and we do not accept a new job,” the petition says.

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